Camera animation and many fixes in 1.5.1

Chaotica 1.5.1 is now available from the download page, and has been submitted to Apple for review and immediate release on the Mac App Store. Camera animation / keyframing support has been added, besides a number of important improvements and fixes.

Simply adjusting the camera position, scale and orientation while moving the timeline allows you to create awesome motion-blurred camera animations:

Roto-zooming random fractals
Randomisation also preserves the camera path, allowing for many new exploration possibilities...

Another change that might allow for interesting artistic use is negative opacity. An example fractal by tatasz is shown here with only the opacities changed:

Normal render Negative opacity changes
A rather extreme example of using negative opacity

We're looking forward to improving the editing functionality in future small releases, so keep an eye out for that!

Changelog for 1.5.1 and 1.5:

● Camera keyframe animation support
● Realtime image updates render much more smoothly, no more ghosting artifacts
● Opacity can be negative now
● Fixed image scaling showing incorrect scale factor
● Multithreading bugfixes and improvements

● Release page at
● Keyframe animation support
● Rendering engine optimisations, faster and higher quality image in equal time
● 32bit Windows builds are now large address aware, for higher resolution print renders with DLL plugins
● Large page support when running as admin on newer versions of Windows, up to 15% speedup
● Mac OS Mavericks support
● Many editor improvements (filters, draggable spinboxes...) and bugfixes
● Updated file format with version information