Unrivaled image quality

The whole point of fractal art is to make beautiful images, and Chaotica puts image quality first.

Chaotica is the first fractal application to support progressive rendering and interactive HDR imaging controls, and is the only fractal application which supports perfect animation interpolation - no hacks or tricks.

Chaotica is developed by Glare Technologies, better known for
Indigo Renderer, an exceptionally high quality 3D rendering engine.

New Mountains to Climb by Sam Himes

Powerful editor with animation support

Chaotica comes with a fully-featured editor for creating your fractal art, with flexible and easy to use animation support.

Simply move the timeline while editing your fractal, and Chaotica will smoothly blend between the keyframes. Editing the iterator weights allows you to create complex fractal animations, with many transforms appearing and disappearing over time.

A quad-core CPU can easily preview animations in real time at 720p using the extremely fast AA level 1 preview mode.

Modern rendering engine

Often faster than GPU-based engines, and available on all platforms without any special hardware, Chaotica gets the job done fast.

Fractal computations are done in double precision, multi-core rendering is always-on and doesn't slow down your computer, 64-bit builds can access huge amounts of memory.

The incredible rendering performance is a result of both tight C++ code and new algorithms, which are simply more efficient than the widely-copied flam3 or Apophysis recipes; no amount of brute force can beat Chaotica's convergence speed.

Alpha channel export is useful in external compositing applications, providing a great source of detailed textures.

Animation by Tatyana Zabanova, based on Dewberries by Chiara Biancheri

Apophysis / Flam3 compatibility

Chaotica supports all Apophysis / Flam3 features except the "3D hack" and Direct Colouring modifications. DLL plugin support means even exotic Apophysis parameters using custom-made plugins can be rendered faster than ever, and with amazing image quality.

Over 100 "variation" transforms are natively supported, re-implemented for higher performance and accuracy.

Any transform can be used as pre or post (including DLL plugins) and can be used several times in a flam3 transform with different variables, massively extending Apophysis' fractal creation potential.

Real-time imaging controls

All imaging controls can be edited interactively without restarting the render, saving you many re-renders which would be required with other fractal applications. Chaotica also features built-in High Dynamic Range (HDR) colour curves to accurately control the colour balance in your final image.

Jaw-dropping animation frames, ideal for video compression, render very quickly using the specialised Smooth anti-aliasing mode.