Chaotica 2

Chaotica 2 is here. Chaotica 2 brings brand new GPU rendering, faster CPU rendering, more animation controls, video output, and easier fractal creation than ever before.

New - GPU rendering

Chaotica 2 introduces GPU rendering - now you can harness the massive power of modern GPUs to render fractals at maximum speed.

Chaotica supports multi-GPU rendering, meaning you can use more than one GPU at once to get even greater speed increases.

Chaotica uses the OpenCL standard, which allows it to support GPU rendering on Nvidia, AMD, and integrated graphics devices, as well as on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Rewritten CPU rendering

Our CPU rendering core has been rewritten for blazing speed, without sacrificing any of the image quality for which Chaotica is famous.

Highly optimised multi-threaded rendering pushes the limits of what's possible on CPUs, making CPU rendering competitive with modern GPUs.

Our custom programming language Winter delivers high-performance just-in-time compiled code that maximises performance for your CPU architecture.


Dragon Circle by Petri Kinnunen (PJfractals)

Improved random world generation

The random world generation now chooses from all the 240+ transforms built into Chaotica, for more variety than ever before.

With just a click of the New random worlds button, you can generate an array of gorgeous random fractals. You can then choose one and tweak it further - changing the colour palette, transforms or more.

You don't have to be an expert to get stunning images out of Chaotica!

Random fractals in the parameter browser

Render your animations to video

Now in Chaotica 2, you can save out high quality H.264 or HEVC (H.265) video files from your Chaotica animation.

Saving out animations to video is easy - a video file will automatically be created when your animation has finished rendering. You can tweak the video standard and bitrate as well if you wish.

Chaotica saves to the powerful industry-standard video formats H.264 or HEVC (H.265), which means you can easily import your video into other programs, or upload directly to the Web.

New Mountains to Climb by Sam Himes

Improved animation editor

With Chaotica's animation editor, you can animate almost every parameter of your fractal worlds, easily creating stunning high-resolution animations.

New timeline curve editor - visualise and edit how your fractals change over time with new timeline curve editor.

Tweak tension at curve knots, for fast or slow transitions

Make your animations loop with a single click, with the new wrap animation option.

Animation curve editor

Editor improvements

The world editor has been streamlined and workflow improved, with more visual feedback as to what and how transforms can be edited.

Just mouse-over a transform to get visual cues for translating, rotating and scaling your transform.

Transform browser

We have added the new transform browser to allow you to visually choose transforms.

Transfroms are visualised in colour-coded coordinates and it's much easier to see how it will affect your creation.

Pick from over 240 transforms built in to Chaotica.

Look out for many more features in the Chaotica 2 series, including high-dynamic-range EXR image output, coming soon.

A whole world of stunning fractal art possibilities await you in Chaotica - get into it now!

Chaotica 2 is available on Windows, Linux, macOS and the Mac App Store

Chaotica 2 is available at discounted upgrade pricing for Chaotica 1 licence holders. Read more.