Community resources for advanced fractaling techniques

It is a pleasure to see the members of the evergrowing Chaotica community learn from each other, be it at the Forum, Facebook Group, or recently the Discord fractal chat, where everyone's welcome to join.
Experienced users often like to share their techniques with others by either sharing the parameters of the fractal, or creating a tutorial.
This way the knowledge reaches to other members, thus letting everyone explore their own style on the technique.

Learn from tutorials

A recent example shows the process of Chaotica users LukasFractalizator and fi3ur learning the so called Linear Triangles technique by ChaosFissure, and applying their achieved knowledge in Chaotica.
Take a look at their results:

Trident by fi3ur Trident
by fi3ur
Arcade<br />
by LukasFractalizator Arcade
by LukasFractalizator
Summit<br />
by fi3ur Summit
by fi3ur
Slipstream<br />
by LukasFractalizator Slipstream
by LukasFractalizator
Trident 2<br />
by fi3ur Trident 2
by fi3ur

Learn by playing the game 'Pong'

After Lukas and fi3ur learned the technique, they managed to master it by playing Pong.
Pong is a popular game among fractal artists, because it's fun, helps learning from each other and the results are awesome (see example above).

How to play?

  • Find other fractal artists from the community (see below) to play with.
  • Someone shares his parameters, others will tweak that and 'pong back' the tweaked parameters.
  • This goes on as long as you wish. At the end, people render the best looking parameters.

One important rule to remember:

  • If you publish an artwork that is a product of a Pong, you must mention the participants of the game.

Get involved

Learn new techniques by

Become a potentional featured artist of the next blog post by being an active member of the community.