Version 1.5 dev update

Hi guys, a quick development update here from me (lycium) since it's been so long!

Chaotica 1.5 development has been coming along nicely, but the scope of the changes just keeps getting bigger and bigger; the main feature is of course animation support, but this requires quite a lot of changes throughout the rest of the program. For example, the camera model that was in use previously was basically bogus, and this showed up quite a lot while trying to animate it, so it needed replacing while still maintaining compatibility with old params.

Besides this, we have a new Chaotica developer on board! Jessica Darling, better known in the fractal scene as FarDareisMai, has joined to help mainly on the user interface front at first, however we expect her development role to expand over time.

I'll make an effort to post more often about development progress, especially as we approach the release of version 1.5. Stay tuned for more news, and of course don't forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and fractal features!