General FAQ

See this page for rendering-related questions.

  • Does Chaotica support GPU acceleration?

    Yes, Chaotica 2 supports GPU acceleration!

  • I've upgraded my computer, how do I request a new licence key?

    Send an email with your order number to using your registered email address.

  • Why do plugins not work?

    Plugins no longer work in Chaotica 2, as they are not compatible with our new rendering core and GPU rendering.

  • Why is my computer running hot / at 100% usage?

    Fractal rendering is a processor-intensive task, and Chaotica is optimised to make the most of your computer's available resources. This means full use of all processor cores.

    If your computer is older and perhaps dusty, this continuous strain can generate excessive heat compared to short, simple tasks such as loading a web page.

    You can reduce the number of threads used if you wish. See Settings.

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