Online Licensing

Online licensing allows you to use your Chaotica licence on any computer connected to the internet.

Online licensing is new in Chaotica 2.0.25.

To use Online licensing

Make an account

Go to and make an account with the 'Signup' link on the top right of the page.

Link your Chaotica order to your account

Once you have done that, you will need to go to your individual order page, the link to which was sent to you when you purchased a Chaotica licence.

The link will look something like

On your order page, click the 'claim order' link. (In the middle text on the order page).

You should see a message like "Successfully claimed order #12345".

Log in from Chaotica

Assuming you have a new enough Chaotica build (version 2.0.25 or newer), run Chaotica, then select the menu command

Help > Licensing

select the 'Online licence' tab, and enter your username and password you used to create your account on the store page.

After that it should automatically fetch the needed licence from our server, which will take a few seconds.

If your Chaotica licence was fetched successfully, a message should be shown: