Random World Generator

The random world generator section allows you to explore randomly generated fractal worlds just by clicking some buttons.

  • New random worlds: Opens the parameter browser window, and generates some random worlds, renders each for a short period of time, and shows thumbnails of the random worlds. Click on a thumbnail to load the world and start rendering it in the main render view.

  • Number: Number of random worlds to generate, and to display in the parameter browser window.

  • Min iterators: The minimum number of iterators to generate for each random world. The actual number of iterators used will be randomly chosen between min and max iterators.

  • Max iterators: The maximum number of iterators to generate for each random world.

Partial Randomisation

The partial randomisation buttons allow you to explore random changes to one aspect of the random worlds, while keeping other aspects the same.

  • Palette: Randomise just the colour palette. The number of nodes in the palette curves is specified by the Colour nodes spinbox.

  • Transforms: Randomise just the transforms.

  • Shaders: Randomise just the shaders.

  • Selectors: Randomise just the selectors.

Keyboard shortcuts are shown in the tooltip when you hover over the buttons.