Camera animation and many fixes in 1.5.1

Chaotica 1.5.1 is now available from the download page, and has been submitted to Apple for review and immediate release on the Mac App Store. Camera animation / keyframing support has been added, besides a number of important improvements and fixes.

Simply adjusting the camera position, scale and orientation while moving the timeline allows you to create awesome motion-blurred camera animations:

Version 1.5 dev update

Hi guys, a quick development update here from me (lycium) since it's been so long!

Chaotica 1.5 development has been coming along nicely, but the scope of the changes just keeps getting bigger and bigger; the main feature is of course animation support, but this requires quite a lot of changes throughout the rest of the program. For example, the camera model that was in use previously was basically bogus, and this showed up quite a lot while trying to animate it, so it needed replacing while still maintaining compatibility with old params.

Quick Tip: Solid Colours Effect in Chaotica

I learnt this trick in a tutorial by awesome Sam Himes (check out his gallery, it is definitely worth it) and immediately fell in love with it. After all, most fractals we see around are shiny, and a solid look definitely makes your artwork stand out. This feature is quite unique, and, at least between the IFS renderers I am familiar with, Chaotica is the only one that allows such imaging settings without cheats and hacks.

It is very simple...


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